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Loving Digitals understands that in time of bereavement your loved ones need comfort and   delicate customer service. We are here with open hearts and creative minds to make sure your loved ones legacy last forever.

We Accept Insurance Policy Payments!

Life insurance policy benefits can be used to help pay for final expenses including our services.

Call us at 313.685.1887 for more information.

The obituary is usually the last step to finalizing funeral arrangements. Is this your first time organizing an obituary? We are here to help in 3 easy steps!


Upload Content

Upload content and images to the form. The questions are constructed as a standard obituary format. This is so we don’t miss any relevant information.


Once the form is submitted successfully, call 313.685.1887 to confirm information and a deposit will be collected. You will then be placed in the queue and we will send you a proof.


Print & Pick Up

Upon proof/revision completion, the production team will print the obituaries with a required approval and contact you for pick up, delivery or shipping details.



Our printers produce the best quality with a perfect fold and bind. 

There is a 3-business day turnaround, but we service expedited orders as fast as the same day.


Folds to finishing size 5.5×8.5
Starts at $100.00
  • 4 Page: Includes 6 pictures OR 1 
  • 8 Page: includes 25 pictures and 5 poems/tributes
  • 12 Page: includes 50 pictures and 7 poems/tributes


Folds to finishing size 7x8.5
Starts at $150.00
  • 4 Page: Includes 10 pictures OR 3 poems/tributes
  • 8 Page: Includes 30 pictures and 5 poems/tributes
  • 12 Page: Includes 50 pictures and 7 poems/tributes


Folds to finishing size 8.5x11

Starts at $450.00

  • 4 Page: Includes 15 pictures OR 5 poems/tributes
  • 8 Page: Includes 50 pictures and 10 poems/tributes
  • 12 Page: Includes 75 pictures and 15 poems/tributes
  • 16 Page: Includes 100 pictures and 20 poems/tributes


Trifold 8.5x14
Starts at $150.00
6 Page (Tri-Fold): Includes 16 pictures AND 3 poems/tributes


2.5×8 Bookmark
$1.00 Each
Front & Back: Includes 6 pictures and 1 poem/tribute 


Heart Shape
$3.00 Each
Front & Back: Includes 6 pictures and 1 poem

Print Only

Our team of experts have over a decade of customer service and graphic design experience. We are all here to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction. Reach out to your specialist today if you have any questions or concerns.

Somalia Carter

Somalia Carter

Master Graphic Designer

Charles Carter

Charles Carter

Director of Marketing

Danielle Breckenridge

Danielle Breckenridge

Senior Graphic Designer

Forman Blackmon

Forman Blackmon

Production Manager

Charli Rose, FD

Charli Rose, FD

Funeral Consultant

Funeral Planning Services Available

Our licensed funeral director, Charli Rose is currently a member of the Michigan Select Funeral Directors Association.  

If you need assistance planning the service, she has the education, resources and experience to guide you in having a successful funeral for your loved one. Ask about referral discounts with our partners for flowers, cemetery and repast locations. 


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